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From your base at Canopy Tower enjoy the richness of the world-famous Pipeline Road - 385 species of birds in 24-hours in December 1985 says it all. We will be looking for the stunning Golden-collared Manakin and Ocellated Antbird in this pristine Central American rain forest.

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Birdwatching in Panama is a sheer delight. We’ll take you to look for Rufescent Tiger-Heron, White-throated Crake and possibly Capybara at the Ammo Dump Ponds with a chance of the gorgeous Spectacled Owl, which breeds in the vicinity of the Old Gamboa Road.

Canopy Tower’s observation deck is a superb place to sit in comfort with your binoculars at lunch time to watch the migration of raptors (peak time is the last two weeks of October, but with good numbers usually occurring two weeks either side) where literally thousands of Turkey Vultures, Swainson’s and Broad-winged Hawks can stream through in a single day.

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Within the environs of Soberania National Park there are many interesting and exciting locations to visit. This is ‘Trogon Heaven’ with a decent chance of seeing four or five species in just one day! It will be a trogon-tastic experience.

Canopy Lodge, the sister property to Canopy Tower, is also strategically placed for birding. With seven days or more to spend in Panama it is possible to enjoy some very different and incredibly diverse habitats. The lodge is situated in the largest inhabited volcano crater in the Western Hemisphere, close to the entrance of Cerro Gaital Monument and other fabulous birdwatching sites around the cooler mountain environs of El Valle de Anton. It’s a short drive to the excellent Las Minas trail – looking for the dapper Tawny-crested Tanager, Blue-throated (Emerald) Toucanet and Rosy Thrush-Tanager. Our expert guides will help you search for the stunning Snowcap hummingbird at La Mesa where it is also possible to see Orange-bellied Trogon and at Cerro Gaital the charistmatic White-tipped Sicklebill.

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