Tigers and Birdwatching in Northern/Central India

We had a really great time in India and a lot of fun with all our guides and drivers and other people we met on the road. The knowledge of Ranbir about birds and the way he guided us the first 8 days was a joy and impressive. We saw a lot of birds (265) and about 25 mammal-species. Most impressive is the fact that birds and animals seem not to be so scared of humans. That means that there are good opportunities for taking photos and observing as well. I made about 6000 photos!!

One magical moment was at Bandhavgarh where we saw our first Tiger. This 2 year old female changed course in the forest and walked just in front of us passing by the jeep. We like India so much that we certainly will be back there. I don’t know what I will be doing next winter, but right now I feel very much for going there again next winter. You did your work very well and we felt comfortable about the way you arranged everything!!!! I look forward to receiving details and travelling again soon.

Herman HazelhorstNederland