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Bhutan has been protected by both its isolation within the Himalayas and the topography of its mountainous land. The deep valleys and almost impenetrable jungles have acted as allies in preventing the destruction of the natural forests.  Even today, over 70% of the land is forested; approximately 25% of the land is protected with 9 National Parks/Wildlife Sanctuaries. Bhutan has an extremely wide range of environments with climates and habitats varying from sub-tropical at 200m to alpine over 4,000m. It is this pristine environment that supports a natural habitat and wide range of eco-systems which in turn support a phenomenally rich and varied bird-life as well as an incredible variety of other animals and plants.

We will ensure that your trip through the most amazing beautiful landscape is full of birding excellence. Your guide will lead you through forested areas where few visitors to Bhutan have been; you can bird in sub-tropical forests, in virgin temperate forests, in alpine meadows and along untamed rivers. We hope you will be inspired, that you will see more species than you ever thought possible and above all, that the beauty and the peace of this magical kingdom, remains with you - always.

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